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You need a family shoot done by Elim Studio

You need to book a yearly family shoot to keep your memories up to date. You are busy living your lives and not observing them through the cellphone camera lens. Taking selfies and family snaps is fine but you need to stop at least once a year and record where the family is in their lives. Of course, it helps that we are at capturing the best version of your  family but also don’t mind doing a little post shoot Photoshop manipulation, just a nip here and a tuck there.

The photo shoot day will be the one day that everybody will dress smartly, or not depending on what the family decides to wear. Dad may wear a jacket and your daughter a dress and if it is a formal photo, maybe a haircut for your son.

So, whatever you decide to wear, make sure to get a family photoshoot done at least once a year. The kids grow up so fast and then that will be part of happy “..Do you remember….?


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