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What makes a professional wedding Photographer | by Elim Studio

Professional wedding Photographer?

professional wedding photographer

Scene One (bride and friend)

Sarah : “Who`s going to do your wedding?”

Jane : ‘’Dunno, I guess I`ll ask Danny. He`s got a nice camera.”

Sarah : “What if the don`t come out?”

Jane : “Mmmm……. Beter not take a chance, but what if I pay a lot of money and they still do not come out?’’

A few things that DON’T make you a professional:

  • A big ass camera
  • A bigger ego
  • All the editing programs in the world

Professional value for money

People all over are the same. A bridal couple is more prepared to spend a lot on a wedding dress, reception, flowers, decorations etc. the day after the wedding the food is digested and forgotten, the bar tab presses like a bad hangover, the flowers wilt and the dress is stored away. Yet people are prepared to spend great sums of money because they get professional value. The only item of real value, filled with happy memories, that will remain long after the wedding ceremony, is the wedding album.

It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy when photographers cut corners and give clients sub standard service and shoddy albums. However, give any person professional quality and he is prepared to pay for what he gets. Clients want assurance that they are getting the best. And they don’t mind spending money if they get good value and are happy with the results.

Professional differentiation

Let us look at what sets a true professional apart from the rest. You turn up at a wedding with a simple DSLR camera. You have no back up equipment. You offer a photo book for your couple printed at the print shop, you do not invest in Designer albums using photo paper as pages. Are you any different to the amateur? Why should the bride not ‘’ask Danny’’? After all he too, has a nice camera.

If there is nothing that differentiates you from the amateur, then in the eye of the client you are one.

A professional photographer invest in:

Professional equipment:

Professional photographers know that they will get superior results with professional quality equipment. This means a good quality camera and studio flash equipment that is top of the range and a professional flash

For his photography.

Professional materials:

This is most important. There is a vast difference between Photo books and Designer Albums in paper as well as printing. Fuji photo paper printed in a Fuji lab using professional equipment will render top quality print pages every time.

Professional processing:

A amateur lab cannot do what a professional lab does for you. Pro lab in Pretoria offers the highest quality personalized processing and printing. They offer services like sepia, colour sepia, black and white and cross processing, a service which is not found in amateur labs.

Professional conduct:

A true professional conducts himself professionally. He does not rock up at a wedding in jeans and a T-shirt. He looks clean and presentable. He is punctual. He watches his language. He respects his customers. He treats both clients and suppliers in a professional manner. He remembers that he is only as good as his last photograph and tries to be the best he can be. He pays his accounts on time. He bills his clients accurately. He quotes accurately and covers all eventualities-his customers do not get a rude surprise.

A Professional photographer…
1. Approaches a project in a manner that shows respect for both the subject and the client’s goal.
2. Delivers the end result, as agreed upon, on time and in a manner that shows the client’s most critical needs are understood.
3. Finds ways to make a client’s life easier from the beginning of a project to the end, including saving them time and making them look like a hero.

4. Understands what it means to have you as their client. As a client, you’re under the photographer’s care and protection. They’re there to take care of you regarding your photography experience with them. They’re there to provide expert guidance in your photography decisions. They’re not there to sell you whatever stuff they have. Whatever they offer you needs to be with your best interest in mind, as if you were their little sister or brother.
5. Is prepared to face any problem with a creative solution, from the most dire to the off-the-wall. You want someone who knows exactly how to take advantage of and optimize every circumstance encountered throughout the day to deliver the best images possible under those circumstances. This of course requires accumulated knowledge, a well of expertise and honed skills. But that translates as the ability to know specifically what to do in every situation they encounter to provide the maximum results.
6. Listen to advice and adjusts in order to get the job done. They will blend in and relate to everyone. Nothing could be worse than bringing in a person who’s insensitive to your loved ones or guests, or even to the other professionals you have working at your wedding. Yet again this is another character trait that also manifests as a desired professional trait. The photographer should be courteous, respectful and gracious to all, and consider everyone they meet at your wedding as significant no matter who they are — and treat them as such.
7. Knows how to pitch and market his business with accuracy so the promised service is what’s delivered.
8. Researches the subject of a story and contributes ideas, vision and past experience that make the end result better.
9. Builds rapport with a subject in a way that gains unique access, makes them more comfortable, or brings out their personality.
10. Keeps one’s composure while calming a nervous bride or help fix a small emergency and other obstacles, and still deliver stunning photos, The ability to take a hit, roll with a punch, land on their feet — and keep going. It’s a live event. Even the ceremony which may be rehearsed a bit, isn’t choreographed and rehearsed enough times. So many things may happen that present obstacles, delays and glitches throughout the entire day. But as the task at hand is to come out with consistent results no matter what, and the day doesn’t halt for any one, the everyday situations which may present themselves as problems have to be solved, and quickly.

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