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Your 2021 Conundrum! Pro or Joe?

a Professional Photographer or the Family friend? – a few Pointers


Your wedding photos are a precious keepsake of an event that can never be repeated. As you are making plans for the big day, perhaps  you are considering a photographer. After all, your best friend Koos takes great pictures when you are on holiday; maybe you should use him. It would be great having a friend who knows you well taking your pictures and it will be cheap as well. However, before considering making a friend the photographer for the day maybe you should consider the pros and cons of having a professional or unprofessional on the day. If you are using a friend, would you be able to tell him what you want, after all, he is doing you a favour? A professional photographer is used to working with individuals, couples and groups to make the formal photography go smoothly.

The professional photographer is an experienced advisor, who can help explore what you really want – and then do it. Not just candid, posed but indoor, outdoor portraiture, color, black and white, sepia or color sepia photos. He will find the right location for portraits and capturing the most important moments including pre wedding activities and family traditions. The professional photographer has a set of equipment spare to cater for any unforeseen problem that he may encounter. The less experienced photographer will only have less sophisticated equipment with no back up at all. The professional knows how to light the scone.

The professional will spent time with you on a briefing session, so that he knows what you want and how to get it. He will know the run  – down of the event including the highlights. He knows how to make the people look good in your group photos. You can usually choose an album through your photographer and order enlargements of the best pictures for framing. When you think about the cost of photography, remember the photographer`s fee is only part of your investment. You, your parents,your extended family and your friends will be investing time with your photographer at your wedding. Do not waste time with a photographer who will not produce results you love! Expect better photographers to charge higher rates. If you are looking for a bargain and shop via phone for pricing, you are following a recipe for poor to mediocre photography. Asking a wedding photographer on the telephone “how much do you charge” is not unlike calling a wedding dress designer to ask “how much are your dresses? “In the end, if you don`t like the dress or it does not fit – it does not matter how much it cost.

Pricing wedding photographing:

In wedding photography, like any other business, the cost of human labor is one of the most costly components of the total expense. All of the following items take time and may or may not be provided by your wedding photographer.

1. Engagement photo session.

2. The photographer`s preparation time for your wedding day photography is variable. The more sophisticated his equipment and techniques, the more time it takes to plan and prepare. This includes testing and assembling equipment, recharging batteries, loading and unloading vehicles etc. You do want your photographer to thoroughly test each piece of equipment before your wedding don`t you? Some don`t.

3. The time spent taking pictures on your wedding day is variable as is the total number of images taken. Some photographers charge by the hour and offer a set limit on the number of photo`s or locations. Others essentially devote their entire day and evening to photograph your wedding event with no limit on what they will or will not photograph. It is just as important to know what they don`t photograph as what they do. Which wedding memories are you willing to do without?

4. Some wedding studios have an assistant working with them throughout the wedding day, while others work alone.

5. Some wedding photographers spend hours editing and assembling your album, while others simply hand the bride a Disk with images.

6. Some wedding photographers spend time picking your photo`s for manipulation and enlargements while others leave the task to the bride.

All the above steps require time and extra effort spent by your photographer and his staff. To do a total wedding package properly requires an average of 20 hours or more devoted to every wedding client.

While the foregoing items explain the variables of time and effort spent by the photographer, they do not address the issue of talent, skill, technique of experience level. The time and effort of an expert full time photographer is more valuable on an per hour basis than that of a raw beginner of weekend only hobbyist photographer. These important points will reflect in both the aesthetic and technical quality of your wedding images and need to be carefully considered.

In Summary:

While all professional wedding photographers are in the business of taking pictures of your wedding, the similarities end there. There is a wide range in levels of personalized service and in the quality and quantity of your treasured photographs.

Koos versus a professional photographer :-

Koos has a nice camera, but a professional photographer has specialized equipment with backups to ensure there are no hitches.

Koos knows you well, but a professional photographer knows how to make you look your best.

Koos can take pictures. A professional photographer will pose formal shots and anticipate candid shots.

Koos is also a guest and wants to enjoy himself. He may also have a little too much to drink and forget to pick up his camera. The professional photographer is at your wedding to work.

Koos may feel too much pressure. A professional photographer is accustomed to his responsibilities and will guarantee the pictures will be perfect.

Koos will do his best for you. A professional photographer knows how to solve any unexpected hitches like bad weather, equipment failure or difficult uncle or aunt.

Koos prints where you do. A professional photographer uses a pro lab, experienced in retouching and custom printing.

Koos will hand you a pile of prints. A professional photographer will create an album that you will want to keep forever.

Koos is cheap. The professional photographer is priceless.

How to choose your photographer and style of pictures

Choose a professional photographer for your wedding who you get on with and would like to be with you on your wedding day. Other than your bride or groom, there is nobody you spend more time with on your wedding day than your photographer. Make sure he presents samples, which resemble your needs as there are a wide range of photography styles for you to choose from. The two most popular styles are currently ‘traditional’ and ‘photo journalistic ‘Traditional means – portraiture of the bridal party and family – close up and full length – and candids that tell the story of the day. This is the style for most weddings.

Photo journalistic means – no posed photographs. All pictures would be taken without any instructions from or awareness of the photographer. Great pictures can be taken with no formal posed pictures at all. But there are many people and combination of guests that will never be captured unless the photographer gathers them all in one spot for a picture (whether the picture appears natural or not, depends on the photographer.)There is a difference between candid snapshots and true photo journalistic images and a mistake can lead to very expensive snapshots.

Only after looking at all the above criteria and satisfying yourself that this is the style you want, can you start shopping for price and package options.

Make sure that there are no hidden extras. Quotes to be on a paper neatly written out covering everything.

Find out about what services can be provided by your photographer apart from the wedding photos. Wedding invitations and thank you card can be printed as photos of the wedding couple on them. Can your picture be put on digital to sent to family and friends far away? Your photographer must be versatile and have access to all sorts of services to make your special day a truly memorable one.