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6 Floral Designer Questions answered



Flower arrangements, like all things in our industry is an art. You just do not put a floral oasis in a vase and shove flowers and stems into it and call it bouquets. Believe me, I have attended way too many weddings not to have seen this happen multiple times. Then there is the roses with the burnt and wilted blooms from being in the wrong refrigerator at the venue. The humidity and temperature of a normal refrigerator is different from that of a floral fridge, and it will dry out your flowers and kill them. And of course, the bride not getting what she wanted for flowers because expert advice was not given.

Prior to meeting with potential floral designers: have your colour scheme finalized; create a list of the kinds of flowers you like; and have some examples (pictures from magazines, the web, like Pinterest.) of the kind of bouquets and arrangements that appeal to you.

Your First Consultation:-

After you’ve met with each floral designer ask yourself, “Did the florist answer all my questions to my satisfaction?” “Do I feel like the florist really listened and understood my vision?” “Am I comfortable with this person?””Do I want this person to be in charge of the flowers on my wedding day?”

Once you’ve booked your floral designer you’ll want to provide them with a picture of your dress and swatches or photos of the bridesmaids dresses and the linens you’ll be using. That we you can show what you like and do not like. Bring lots of pictures, it is the best way to help convey your vision of what you want your floral designs to look like. With social media like Pinterest it is a snap now to have all pictures on hand if needed


Have you done many weddings?

Do you know what you’re doing? Experience is usually a good indicator of expertise, and that’s important since it will mean she’ll be able to guide you through the process easily—even if you throw in some curveballs, like asking her how to create less expensive alternatives or which flowers are in season or grow in the region.But years service may also mean that she has not moved forward with the newest trends and got stuck in the same old routine, So the next question is vital

Can I see photographs or examples of your work. Do you have any referrals from clients ? Will you do a mock up flower setup for me?

Be wary if the answer is no. Pictures of past bouquets and centrepieces will give you a sense of whether you and the florist have the same taste.Seeing photos of her work will let you know exactly what she’s capable of and how it compares with your inspiration bouquets. You will also see if she has kept up with the latest trends in floral arrangements. Ask if the photo was something she considers her style or if it was the couple’s vision. Neither answer is bad—if you love the look, you know she’s capable of making it again; if you hate it, ask to see something she thinks is reflective of her own style.It’s important to be able to see examples. Get a list of previous clients and contact them to hear about their experience. 


What ideas can you give me as I have a limited budget? Can you work within my budget?

It’s important that the florist listens to you and helps you find solutions within your budget. If what you want is impossible to create with the money you’ve got, they should suggest alternative arrangements or alternative blooms. Perhaps in-season flowers would be cheaper? If your budget is low, talk openly and honestly about how much you can spend at your initial meeting. Sometimes hearing “no” is a good thing, because then you can figure out how to compromise early on. Maybe it’s impossible for anyone to accomplish what you want within that price range(read: you want a lush flower wall around the chapel entrance with multicolour flowers on a small budget). Most florists can work with you no matter how much you have to spend, but it’s important to start the conversation early—and to be open to new ideas and alternatives.  The biggest budget mistake is for a bride to have her heart set on specific flowers and not be flexible. A florist can do a much better job if the bride gives guidelines concerning the overall look, feel, and colour scheme of the wedding day and let the florist create it, within your budget but this means you should be open to suggestions and compromise. If your budget is limited, meet with your florist sooner rather than later in the booking ladder and get their input. If you book them too late, you could sit with a problem.

What other services do you offer?

Most florists are actually more like event designers and event planners . You may be able to get extras, like fabric draping, lanterns, chairs, candelabras and lounge furniture, from them. They use them for other functions as well. Dealing with one wedding supplier rather than four or five can simplify the process and reduce your stress levels. This reduces the risk of communication gaps from supplier to supplier. Most of them do offer the service but if she doesn’t offer these services and you’re interested in them, see if she regularly partners with a rental company. Florists will have a friend in the industry, and you can be assured the two work well together.Your florist may be able to bring little extra details to dot around your venue– if so, you may need less flowers and this may help you stay within budget. Most florist nowadays stock all sorts of props that you can hire to use in your reception area so the amount of flowers can be reduced


Who will handle setup and delivery? What about breakdown? How long will you need for both, and what are the fees?

These are the sneaky line items on a proposal that can add up. A florist usually assesses your budget for flowers and labour only, so ask about these “extras” that you can’t really avoid. Also, make sure arrangements for pickup have been made for any rented items, like vases and arches.On the morning of the wedding there will be quite a few  wedding suppliers coming in and out of the venue, setting up different elements of the day. The venue’s wedding planner should help to co-ordinate everyone so that no one gets in anyone else’s way – this is certainly not your job – but do ask your supplier to give you a rough estimate of how long they’ll need, and when set-up will be complete. make sure everything is in writing. If the venue is out of town there will be travelling costs for the setup and the breakdown and removal afterwards. This must be confirmed beforehand.

So:- Ask, find out, Ask again but make sure your dream wedding goes down the way you envisage it and does not turn into an unhappy affair you would much rather forget!


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