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What is our style? -We consider ourselves to be contemporary wedding photographers –  a Mixture of formal followed by informal and very candid shots. We believed in being involved with our bridal couple and giving tips and pointers while we work to ensure you get the best pictures you have ever had. Most of our bridal couples are just ordinary people and they are normally camera shy. For most bridal couples this will be the longest time there has ever been a camera around them. The most frequent request we get is “Will you help us with poses on our wedding day”That  is where my partner comes in, she will give you pointers and directions as to posing and as you relax in these poses and interact with each other we capture those special moments between the two of you. During our photography session we  put you at ease and as you relax, your individuality comes out and that make our photography easier. You relax and we get the moments that are “you.

In that way, the portrait session becomes a collaboration, we get you to relax and you give us m0ments to capture that make your wedding day memorable. This way we get to capture the real you. That special look, the way he strokes your hair. We also capture the more formal setups. Our style of photography is likely to produce a unique record of your day – no two weddings will look exactly the same.

We believe in being involved in your photography because that is what you pay us for.

How can you know for sure what your photographer’s style is? Ask him/her to show you photographs from complete weddings, not just his best work. By looking through the entire coverage of the day, you will be able to determine whether the photographer is a traditional portrait-style photographer, photojournalist or a contemporary wedding  photographer.