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Image of the day 2019

Posted 04 April 2019

Posted 03 April 2019

Posted 02 April 2019

Posted 01 April 2019

Posted 31 March 2019

Posted 30 March 2019

Posted 29 March 2019

Posted 28 March 2019

Posted 27March 2019

Posted 26March 2019

Posted 25March 2019

Posted 24 March 2019

Posted 23 March 2019

Shoot at the Transport Museum

Posted 22 March 2019

Posted 21 March 2019

Posted 20 March 2019

Having a great time at the shoot

Posted 19 March 2019

Dad and Son

Posted 18 March 2019

Family shoot done at Schoonspruit

Posted 17 March 2019

Share the love and a Coke

Posted 16 March 2019

Get me to the dance on time…..

Posted 15 March 2019

Now all we need is a lot of ocean

Posted 14 March 2019

Having a blast

Posted 13 March 2019

At the railway museum

Posted 12 March 2019

On her wedding day in Nelspruit

Posted 11 March 2019

Beautiful lady on her way to the church

Posted 10 March 2019

Bride photographed outside Klerksdorp.

Posted 09March 2019

Peeping through the window at the chapel.

Posted 08 March 2019

I wonder if he is as excited as I am?….

Posted 07 March 2019

Lovely wedding couple on their special day

Posted 06 March 2019

If you want a couple shoot done, we can work outside or in studio

Posted 05 March 2019

Wedding shoot done outside Klerksdorp.

Posted 04 March 2019

Our studio is always available for portrait sessions.

Posted 03 March 2019

On his way to Matric Farewell Ball

Posted 02 March 2019

These 2 beautiful ladies were catching a breath before matric Farewell function

Posted 01 March 2019

Couple Shoot done at the Railway museum in Klerksdorp

Posted 28 February 2019

Matric Farewell in Klerksdorp

Posted 27 February 2019

I hope he is waiting at the Chapel…….

Posted 26 February 2019

A Dip before the Festivities

Posted 25 February 2019

Bride photographed at Muranti Wedding Venue Hartebeesfontein

Posted 24 February 2019

On top of the mountain @ Muranti

Posted 23 February 2019

With these rings……

Posted 22 February 2019

Bridal couple on the gravel road at Muranti, Potchefstroom

Posted 21 February 2019

Confirmation function done in Klerksdorp

Posted 20 February 2019

..some more from the function

Posted 19 February 2019

Family function at a concert

Posted 18 February 2019


Posted 17 February 2019

Beatiful Boitumelo in studio.

Posted 16 February 2019


Posted 15 February 2019


Posted 14 February 2019

Posted 13 February 2019

Posted 12 February 2019

Bridal party having fun.

Posted 10 February 2019

Lots and lots of feathers!

Posted 09 February 2019

Children having fun in the studio during a shoot.

Posted 08 February 2019

Kids party with a theme. We can assist.

Posted 07 February 2019

For those wow pregnancy photos we go beyond to make you feel awesome!

Posted 06 February 2019

Part of our family package is individual photos for every family member

Posted 05 February 2019

Beautiful new born sleepy photos

Posted 04 February 2019


Posted 03 February 2019

 The first 14 days are critical of you want beautiful cuddly photos of your baby. Like the bookshelf one depicted here.

Posted 02 February 2019

 The first 14 days are critical of you want beautiful sleepy photos of your baby. 

Posted 01 February 2019

Family shoot done in studio for a client. Contact us for your shoot.

Posted 31 January 2019

Consider us to take your fun pictures for your next function. No obligation quote.

Posted 30 January 2019

We take the photobooth out of the box to outside. On the spot printing is possible or just images on a disk. For your next function consider us.

Posted 29 January 2019

It is time to start booking your photograher for the 2019 matric farewell. So be quick and book before all the best ones are fully booked. Contact Elim Studio for a no obligation consultation.

Posted 28 January 2019

Gorgeous lady in our Studio for a portrait

Posted 27January 2019

Friends close together as seen through our lens.

Posted 26 January 2019

Ladies out of their skin at a friend`s bachelorette party. Pure joy!

Posted 25 January 2019

If you are planning a Beauty pageant, you would be wise to consider us to do the photography.


Posted 24 January 2019

Your imagination  is the only limit if you allow us to photograph your engagement shoot.

Posted 23 January 2019

Couple photographed just outside Klerksdorp as they celebrated their engagement.

Posted 22 January 2019

a Beautiful Bride photographed in the Free State on their engagement shoot

Posted 21 January 2019

Engagement shoot done of one of our bridal couples


Posted 20 January 2019

Engagement shoot of one of our beautiful couples


Posted 19 January 2019

1st Birthday celebrations in Studio by the family.